Kleuren bij gemoedstoestand

What colors do for mood

Monday 28 November 2022

Color or colors, imperceptibly affect your mood or state of mind much more than you may think right now. The color green, gives a sense of calm and red, on the contrary, makes you more active but also radiates more warmth. Colors are all around us.
If you know what effect different colors have, then you can use this to make a plan to have the living room walls painted in certain colors of wall paint. You can also have this done through Zoofy. However, it is important that you choose colors that go well together such as dark and light tones and warm and somewhat cooler or cold hues. This creates a nice balance in the living room. We would like to tell you more about what colors do for the state of mind below.

The meaning of various colors

Every color has a specific meaning. Take for example the color blue, which stands not only for rest and relaxation but also for cooling. The color yellow is very uplifting and also stands for happiness. By learning about the meaning of colors, you also learn why it is that they can affect your mood or state of mind. The same, of course, applies to the living room.

The colors you choose will help determine the atmosphere and how you feel about it. With this information you can decide which wall paint colors to choose. Of course, you can choose a single color of paint but different wall colors can give the room a completely different atmosphere.

How do you choose a good color combination for the walls?

It seems fairly simple but still it is something to think about carefully. How do you choose a good color combination for your living room? Let's explain first, why it is essential to choose a good color combination for living room walls. It's actually very simple. In the living room you want to create a nice, warm atmosphere. A place where it feels pleasant and where you can really unwind. In addition, of course, you want family and friends to feel completely comfortable there as well. Of course, it should also fit well with the furniture and home accessories that may already be in the room.

To choose the right colors, you can choose one or two walls in a warm color and then combine it with a cool color or combine dark with light. An example is an orange-colored wall combined with a somewhat neutral color such as white, light gray. Through this combination you keep it nicely balanced in terms of color. Again, this directly affects the atmosphere in the living room. For example, if you choose only white, then the living room may feel cold and chilly. This, in turn, can affect your state of mind or mood.

The latest trends in living and colors

Have you been fed up with the color tones of your living room for a while now? But aren't sure what you want or how to go about it. Then we would like to give you the following tip. First look at what colors are trending. Perhaps there is a color or color combination that you really like.
It's a nice way to get some inspiration, too. Not sure which wall paint to get or have no idea how to go about this painting job? Don't worry you can also have it done. Through Zoofy you can arrange a professional. Who takes the painting work out of your hands and ensures a beautiful end result.