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Woontrends 2023

Latest house living trend 2023

Tuesday 06 December 2022

What trends are we going to see again in 2023? And what new trends can we expect in the coming year? For 2023, we see that comfort, quality and durability have an important overtone. In addition, we see two extremes coming together in 2023, namely minimalism and maximalism. In this article, we discuss the latest interior design trends for 2023. Get inspired!

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Living trend 1: round and organic

You've probably seen it before, but round and organic are back. Natural shapes are hip again in 2023. Round finishes give a softened impression to your interior, creating an airy and secure feeling. Whether it is a sofa, armchair, rug or accessory: comfort and softness prevail. Round and organic shapes!

Living trend 2: sustainability and second-hand

Last year we spent a lot of hours at home and this brought back our love for sustainability and second-hand items. Reusing has never been so popular! The second-hand design market is wildly popular. Searching for a way to improve your own living environment and with unique pieces and personal finds. This also makes quality important again, as products should last longer. Think lots of plants, browns, earth tones, vintage cabinets in warm wood colors and the seventies. Mixing with industrial products, such as Robust Table's industrial furniture, is perfect to be in this trend. Industrial furniture often lasts a long time!

Living trend 3: minimalism

Minimalism is still popular in 2023 as well. Less is more is the starting point. Here it is mainly about achieving a great effect with little. Less, but better. Imagine a light and serene house, which above all radiates a peaceful feeling. Lots of tone-on-tone colors, clean shapes, natural materials and subdued colors. Lighting and large windows are important here.

Living trend 4: maximalism

Directly opposite minimalism, we also find maximalism this year. Think of mixing and matching eclectic prints and cheerful color combinations. More than one color is chosen more often again in the home. Think wild murals, playful wallpaper prints, accessories in bold colors or a sofa or cabinet in a bold color.