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How to unclog a toilet yourself

Monday 16 January 2023

Toilet blockage: Tips and tricks on how to clear it

Step 1: Unclog with hot water and washing-up liquid

There are always steps you can take yourself before switching to calling in a plumber. In many cases, clogs are caused by an object. We love our little ones, but we'd rather not see pieces of toys flushed down the toilet. Look for the object first and if possible, remove it, using a rubber glove.

Step 2: Unclog with hot water and washing-up liquid

No luck so far? Then put some detergent in the toilet neck. Then flush the bucket of hot water (from a height of one metre) down the toilet. Note: never use boiling hot water, as this can damage porcelain. By pouring it into the toilet from a height of one metre, you create extra pressure. As with your dishes, washing-up liquid can dissolve grease, making it easier to flush the blockage. Let the water and detergent soak in for five minutes before you flush again.

Step 3: The toilet unblocker

A plunger -also called a plunger-, can also work very effectively for a toilet blockage. Before using it, briefly hold the toilet plunger under the tap with hot water. This will warm up the rubber and make it seal better. This allows you to vacuum better. Always make sure you let the toilet plunger connect completely to the toilet neck. Push the toilet plunger slowly and firmly. Then pull the plunger quickly to increase the pressure. This generates the suction power of the toilet plunger. This is important for removing the toilet blockage.

Not successful? Then read on.

Use an unblocker

As a last resort, you can buy a drain unblocker to unclog your toilet. You can use this spring when you want to unclog your sink, unclog your shower drain or when your toilet is clogged. If you want to unclog a sink or shower drain, it is better to choose a thin unblocker spring. However, using an unblocker is often a temporary solution and not entirely without risk. Often a blockage is caused by deeper problems than where the unblocker can reach. Using the unblocker spring is then not the solution to the blockage. For example, if the water no longer drains properly in several places in the house, it is a sewer blockage. In that case, always call in a professional. With a drain unblocker, you only poke a hole in the blockage (if you can reach it). This may seem to fix the problem, but the clog will soon return. The risk of the unblocker spring is that the spring may break if you apply too much pressure. Here, you can damage the pipe system d, leaving you even further from home. Using an unblocker spring remains a DIY solution. If you have little knowledge about sewers, the chances of leaks and damage are high. Should you still find yourself with a blockage after following the three steps, we really recommend consulting an installation company. Zoofy plumbers can quickly unclog your toilet.