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A new garage door can save you money

Monday 21 November 2022

Why a new garage door can save you money!

With current energy and gas prices, insulating is more important than ever. Many single-glazed windows are being replaced with double, or even triple, glazing. People are having their walls, roof or floors insulated, and looking for more sustainable alternatives such as solar panels or a heat pump. There are all kinds of ways to use less energy and gas. Did you know that replacing your garage door is one of them? Because through a garage door, an awful lot of cold can also find its way inside. When your garage is directly adjacent to your home, this can also be felt in your home. In this article, we will tell you more.

Metal garage door, conductor of cold

The metal up-and-over door has been for years, and still is, the most common garage door in the Netherlands. However, an up-and-over door does not (practically) insulate, which means that the cold is led inside one on one. If your garage is directly adjacent to your home, this cold can easily spread to other rooms in your home. Is there a bedroom above your garage? The cold can be felt there too. To heat these rooms, you will have to add extra heating, which costs energy, and therefore money...

Garage door insulation

When you have a well-insulated garage door, you do not experience these problems. You will enjoy a pleasant temperature in your garage all year round. Not only does it keep out the cold in winter, but in summer too, when temperatures are warm, it stays pleasantly cool in the garage. When you are looking for an insulated garage door, you have several options to choose from. The best insulated garage doors are the French doors.

Insulated garage doors

French doors offer you perfect insulation due to several factors. For instance, the door panels of French doors are fitted with insulation material for optimal insulation. In addition, you can opt for a thermally broken frame. In this case, the inner and outer frames are separated by means of a chamber containing 'air'. This keeps the cold air outside, and the warm air inside. To complete the garage door insulation, you can choose to have the frame timbered off. This way, you are assured an airtight space. This will prevent you from consuming energy (and therefore money) unnecessarily in rooms adjacent to your garage.

More information?

After reading this article, have you become curious about the various possibilities regarding garage door insulation?