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Storm damage

Thursday 29 June 2023

The weather in the Netherlands is becoming more extreme. Due to global warming, extreme weather and storms are becoming more frequent. A fortnight ago, storm Ciara blew us away. Ciara was the very first storm in the Netherlands with an official name. And that was not for nothing. Ciara was a power woman who whizzed past at wind force 10. The wait is now on for Gerda, as predicted below. She promises to strike short and spunky. And that will probably be sooner than you think...

Storm Ciara turned into storm Dennis. And although storm Dennis is still palpable, storm Ellen is already lurking again. Apart from the fact that such a storm is just very annoying, it also causes a lot of damage. And damage costs money. Storm damage is damage that is caused by storms with wind force 7 (50 kilometres per hour) or more. Storm damage is usually covered by home insurance. Most building or storm damage insurances do not have an excess. Unless it concerns storm damage. In that case, the amount of the excess may vary between 200 and 500 euros. Phew. That is quite something, besides the premium you pay.

In the spirit of prevention, we wrote this blog for you. Say goodbye to storm damage. We have six tips to prevent storm damage!

Did you suffer from storm damage today?

We hope your neighbour's wind chime - the one that drives you to despair every day - has finally been blown away. All other damage is of course very annoying. Zoofy has more than 4,000 professionals under its umbrella who are happy to help you with storm damage. Don't go on your own to repair the damage. In many cases insurance companies will not compensate more or less. For damage to your roof, we can quickly arrange for a roofer. Our plumbers can also help you with water damage. Does your fence have storm damage? Our carpenters are ready to put that fence back up. For all other storm damage in the garden, our gardeners are the right people to turn to.


1. Close windows and doors

This is literally an open door, but it is nevertheless damage that is often caused after a storm. Do not forget any skylights and opening windows. The last thing you want is flying shards when storm Dennis arrives.

2. Put it inside or secure it

Do you have loose objects in your garden? Bring them inside or secure them. Think of planters, garden chairs, trampolines, your pets and the like. Secure or bring inside wheelie bins. Fences are also known as windbreakers. Is your fence crooked or does it look unstable? Then support your fence with sturdy posts until you install a new one. You can read how to do that yourself in the blog Installing a fence.