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Hanging a lamp yourself - Step-by-step plan

Monday 28 November 2022

How do you hang a lamp? With these steps, it's an easy job

Help!!! I need to do some chores. Sometimes big jobs have to be done in the house. For example, replacing a window frame, breaking through a wall or laying a floor. For these jobs you can often easily get help from a handyman. But when it comes to small jobs around the house, you can also just try doing it yourself. Something that often needs to be done is hanging a lamp. After all, you do need light everywhere in the house! Are you going to hang lamps yourself? Then it's important that you follow the right steps. Read here: the step-by-step plan for hanging lamps yourself.

Step 1. Check where cables and pipes are

When you have determined the right place for the lamp, it is important that you check that there is no current in the ceiling. Of course, you never want to accidentally drill into a power line. To do this, you can use a voltage detector. This device emits a signal when you are near a cable. When you know how the cables run, it is wise to drill well around them when you are going to hang the lamp yourself. If you are going to hang a lamp in the kitchen or bathroom yourself, it is a good idea to also check that there are no pipes before you drill.

Step 2. Safety first, power off

Before you start, it's a good idea to ask yourself: how do you safely hang a lamp? When working with electricity, you should ALWAYS turn off the power first. Basically, you only need to turn off the group you are going to work with. When in doubt about which group is connected to what, the safest thing to do is to turn off the main switch completely. You do this by flipping all the levers down in the meter box.

Step 3. Attach the bracket to the ceiling

Now the real work can begin. Perhaps there is an old ceiling light or pendant lamp still hanging, it must of course be removed first. Then disconnect the ceiling mount (often a bracket) from the new lamp. You will use this to attach the lamp to the ceiling later. Then you put the bracket over the center box. The center box is a large junction box where all the installation wires, outlets and switches are connected. You can often screw the bracket to the center box. Can't? Then you have to screw the mounting bracket into the ceiling. Make sure you use the right screws and plugs. Are you going to use a drill? Then check that you have done the conduit and cable check from step 1!
It's also important to check if the ceiling can support the weight of the new lamp. Do you have a lightweight suspended ceiling? If so, it will not hold a heavy ceiling lamp.

Step 4. Connect the power wires to the terminal block

First, you need to bring out the copper wire from the electrical wires attached to the new lamp. You do this by removing about 1 inch from the outer wire so that the copper wire is exposed. You do this with a wire stripper. Then insert the copper wire of each of the three electrical wires into the correct hole in the terminal box. This is done by first loosening the screw in the terminal block. Is the wire in? Then the screw can be tightened again. Sometimes there is no screw, but you fix the copper wire with a clamp.
It is important that you never let the lamp hang directly from the terminal block. The weight of the lamp must first be attached to a hook on the ceiling. Is this not included? Then you can get one at the hardware store and attach it to the center box.

Step 5. Mission complete? Test if the lamp works

When all wires are connected it is time to test if the lamp works. Do this before you put everything away neatly, otherwise you will have to take the whole thing out again if the lamp does not work. Place the bulb in the lamp and turn the main switch or the group back on. Does the bulb work? Goal accomplished! Work all the wires neatly away, place the bulb on the mounting bracket and press it tightly against the ceiling. Is the lamp still not working? Then the copper wires may not be attached properly yet. Be sure to disconnect the power again when you go to check this. It could also be that the light source is broken, test it on another lamp to rule this out.

Useful tips

When hanging a pendant lamp over the dining table, think carefully about the position of the table under the lamp. Do you want to be able to move the table from time to time or perhaps turn it completely? Then you can choose to attach the hanging lamp to a special suspension system. A rail makes it easy to move the lamp. If you still can't manage it yourself? Simply book a handyman via Zoofy.