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5 ways to increase value of the holiday home

Thursday 01 December 2022

More and more people are choosing to invest in a holiday home. By renting out the holiday home, you can generate a reasonable passive income. At what amount you can rent out the property depends, among other things, on the location and condition of the property. There are several chores you can use to increase the return on your holiday home. Here we list 5 jobs that are definitely worth doing!

1. Painting your holiday home

Are the walls of your holiday home discoloured? Or are the colours in your holiday home simply out of date? Then painting your holiday home is not an unwise move! By painting the walls, you can give the holiday home a completely new look. Moreover, this is a job you can do yourself relatively easily.

exterior painting of holiday home 

Planning to paint the walls inside? Then also consider tackling the outside of the holiday home right away. With a new coat of paint, the holiday home will look a lot better and you will be able to rent it out at a higher price.

2. Replace the floor in your holiday home

Just like the walls, the floor is a large surface. The impact on the appearance of your holiday home is therefore enormous. Do you currently have an old carpet in your holiday home? If so, it is best to replace it with a more hygienic alternative. A carpeted floor is difficult to keep clean and also does not look very nice.


Are you considering replacing the floor in your holiday home? Then you could opt for a PVC or laminate floor, for example. PVC flooring in particular is very hygienic and easy to keep clean. Moreover, these floors have a sleek look and make your holiday home more attractive. This ensures that you can rent out the property at a higher price.


Are you replacing the floor in your holiday home? Then consider installing underfloor heating or floor insulation. With underfloor heating you can offer your guests extra comfort and with floor insulation your energy bill will be lower. So these investments also lead to a higher return.

3. Build a wooden terrace

Demand for holiday homes is highest in summer. In the high season, you can therefore rent out your holiday home for the highest amount. Is the weather on your side? Then most people like to sit outside. With an attractive wooden terrace, the holiday home becomes a lot more attractive during the high season! If you place a nice garden set on the terrace, your guests can enjoy the nice weather in peace.

4. Refurbish the bathroom

If you ask people what they find important in a holiday home, the bathroom is almost always mentioned. Especially after an active day, most people want to unwind in a bath. With a luxurious bath and/or rain shower, you can make the holiday home much more attractive.