Craftsmen here, handymen there.... Meet Juut, the Handywoman!

Tuesday 20 December 2022

At Zoofy we always talk about craftsmen and handymen, but we also have handy women who do jobs for our platform. So does Juut, the Handywoman. Juut is 54, has two dogs and is extremely handy.

How did I start with Zoofy

"I have moved about 20 times in my life. With each move I started doing more and more myself. Hanging a light, checking a socket, I became more and more handy. At a certain point I was asked by friends or acquaintances if I could do a job for them. This way I gradually found out what worked and what didn't work. I bought more and more professional tools and got better and better at it.

Just before the first Corona crisis I thought to myself: 'I'm just going to do this on the side, I love it'. I have an office job, but I love to work outside. During the pandemic it really took a break, but I'm picking it up again now. I love everything about entrepreneurship and want to do everything myself. I like variety, but I only pick up the jobs I like. These are mostly small jobs, such as putting together furniture, hanging lamps, hanging paintings and mirrors, but also connecting electricity, for example.

I really do face prejudice sometimes. When I arrive somewhere to screw together a cabinet, they look at each other in amazement: 'Is she really going to do this?' But especially at first contact, there is always surprise. When I pick up a job, I always send a message first to check if the time is still convenient, etcetera. Then I always get a surprised look, but people are also very interested and ask how I got into the business.

Almost all my customers are women, by the way. These are women who don't have the tools or the skills, and they love it that a woman comes along. I think 85% of my customers are women.

I also do a lot of work at home. Believe it or not, but we are moving again soon. There we are going to pick up everything ourselves. We're going to work on the bathroom, a loft in the attic, we're going to build a shed ourselves. A lot bigger than the jobs I do for clients, but I'm really looking forward to it. 

I really like working with Zoofy. Zoofy takes care of most of my jobs. I like the fact that I get paid so quickly and the system is fair; I look at the jobs, pick one up and it's immediately mine. Yes, I am really very happy with Zoofy.

What message do you want to share?

What I would like to say to women who read this and are hesitant to start doing jobs too? Take some courses so you can feel more confident. Also, make sure you only pick up what you like to do and what you are good at. Doing chores is not hard, which is a misconception held by many people. The tools are easy to handle and if you make a good step-by-step plan, it's really very doable."