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Paint house
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Do not feel like doing the paint job yourself, then call in the help of a professional. He will neatly applies the new layer of paint without streaks. Describe clearly what needs to be done and make an appointment with a painter in the neighborhood.

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Find your job and send your booking

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The professional will come by at the time you have chosen.

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You can pay afterwards when you are happy with the job

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Binaa Construction Mohamed Ibrahim

4.53/5 (813 )

De klus, het plaatsen van een poort in de achtertuin en een schuurdeur inclusief het plaatsen van nieuwe sloten is heel goed gedaan! Wij zijn uitermate tevreden en bevelen Mohamed Ibrahim van harte aan! Het is echt vakwerk

3166 jobs completed

4.44/5 (209 )

De lekkende delen van het leidingwerk dat verbonden is met de boiler en de afvoer naar het riool, zijn volledig en zorgvuldig vervangen. Ik ben in mijn nopjes en tevreden.

655 jobs completed
Meistor Petar Petar Pašin

4.91/5 (113 )

Prima! Alles heel netjes geschilderd en goede communicatie over wensen en mogelijkheden. Een echte vakman!

234 jobs completed
Contratrend Hans Schotema

4.57/5 (103 )

393 jobs completed

4.76/5 (101 )

Prima gewerkt. Alles netjes afgerond.

286 jobs completed

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House painting

In the category of chores you'd rather put off: painting your house. Because you have something better to do. At least, that's what we think when you visit this page. And it just so happens that our Zoofy house painters like nothing better than that. Whether you want to paint the outside of your house, paint your stairs, paint a piece of furniture or a door, or simply have your house painted white; our house painters all have two golden right hands and deliver quality in every paint job. 

Do you want to know what it costs to paint your house? You can find out what it costs to have your house painted in the very artistic image below. On average it costs about 3000 euro to have your house painted. This is an all-in price. All costs for painting your house are of course strongly dependent on several factors. Namely, how big your house is, so what surface should be painted, what the state of your walls is and what your own wishes are. But also think about the preparation. If your current paintwork is in bad shape, it will need to be repaired first. To save on costs you can do this yourself. Read more about this under the heading 'To paint your house or to do it yourself'. The accessibility and the place of residence are also important. At Zoofy we don't work with driving costs, but if you live in the centre of Amsterdam, the parking costs for the painter's van will be charged to you. In terms of accessibility, we mean that if you want to paint a difficult-to-reach place - such as an upper floor or a dormer - scaffolding needs to be installed. The cost of hiring scaffolding will also be passed on to you. 

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