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Painting a radiator via Zoofy

Most Dutch homes have radiators. This is not hard to understand when you think of the cold winter days we sometimes have to deal with here. A decent central heating system is therefore a "must have" in your home. What bothers us all too often is the ugly look of our radiators. Painting or spraying a radiator can bring about the desired change, but it is a rather laborious job. The team of Zoofy would like to help you with this!

When is it useful to paint a radiator?

Painting a radiator can be done for various reasons:

The walls are painted: Suppose you have decided to give the walls of your home a new lick of paint. Your living room or kitchen may look really nice after the paint job, but the same cannot probably be said for the radiator. Especially if you have chosen a darker shade, a white radiator, for example, is anything but pleasing to the eye.
Presence of rust spots: Do you have rust spots on your radiators? Then you need to sand them extensively to get rid of them. Afterwards you can paint your radiators for a more pleasant view.
Discoloured or damaged radiators: Do your radiators look yellow or are they slightly damaged here and there? Even in this case, painting your radiators can be a cheap and efficient solution.

Can you paint a radiator yourself?

If you really want to, you can of course do everything yourself. Painting a radiator is not rocket science in itself, but it does require the necessary patience and is also a very time-consuming activity. There are several things you need to pay attention to when painting your radiators, in order not to end up with a lot of inconveniences later on. It can also happen that you do not have all the necessary materials to do this job successfully. Therefore, it is recommended to leave this job to our professionals. Thanks to their years of experience, they have fully mastered the tricks of the trade and you are assured of a correct execution of the job.

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