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Ceiling painting

From €14 per square meter incl. vat

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Does the cieling need a new color? Or do you want to turn the brown wooden floor into magical white? Our craftsmen know which paint is best suited for your type of floor and would like to carry out this painting job for you. Describe what needs to be done and make an appointment with a painter in your area.

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Book a painter to paint your ceiling

A good start is half the battle. Choose a good opaque latex paint. Plastering or whitewashing a ceiling often requires you to work above your head. A tough job for untrained arms. So you prefer to have a ceiling well-covered in one coat. A skilled painter does this regularly and it will take less effort. Moreover, a good professional will continue to work at a faster pace. 

How does the painter get started

Before painting can begin, the painter will first tape off everything that does not need a new colour. Any spotlights are best removed or else carefully taped off with painter's tape. Avoid splashes on the floor by carefully covering the entire surface with special masking film. Finally, cover the edges of the walls with tape for an extra tight result. 

State of the ceiling

If the ceiling is in a not so good condition or stains are visible, these can be treated before painting begins. There are special fixatives and primers for stains on the market that you can use for this. 

Everything taped and treated, then the painting can begin. It is easiest for a painter to work in daylight so that it is clearly visible which part of the ceiling has already received a new layer of paint. In addition, it is easy to use a latex that is pink but dries white afterwards. 

A professional painter, using a small brush and block brush, will first tackle the edges and corners near the walls. For the ceiling itself, it helps to draw an imaginary grid across the ceiling. In this way, you divide the large surface into several parts which you pick up one by one with the roller mounted on a telescopic handle. This allows you to reach the ceiling without the need for stairs. This also allows you to work faster. 

What you need to know about ceiling painting

It is important to paint the entire ceiling at once. Do not let a part of the ceiling dry in between and continue painting the next day. Wet-on-wet painting prevents streaks. 

Cost indication for ceiling painting

For an indication of the price, you can count on 18 euros per square metre. Having a 10 m2 ceiling painted will then cost around 180 euros. 

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