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Painting the stairs

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Getting stairs painted by a painter from Zoofy

A staircase has to endure a lot during its life. Everyone walks over it all day long, up and down the stairs. Sometimes with bare feet, sometimes with shoes or even heels. Sometimes you do it in a hurry because you're already late for work, sometimes you do it quietly because you don't want to wake your partner. All those times going up and down the stairs are stressing the paint layer of your stairs. Because the paint layer is stressed daily, therefore, painting your stairs will be needed more regularly than other paint jobs around the house. A chore you're not really looking forward to, because painting your stairs is time-consuming and intensive.

What does staircase painting cost?

Maybe you want to outsource the staircase painting job to a professional. In that case, you're naturally curious about the price tag of painting your stairs. Check out the cost of painting your stairs here. If you have an open staircase and want to have simple painting done, it will logically be cheaper than if you want to have an extra bede closed staircase sanded, cleaned and given multiple coats of paint. You can save costs by doing work like cleaning or sanding before when you hire a painter. An upholstered staircase, with carpet, for example, should be cleaned properly first. If you do this yourself, you will save a lot of time and money. Before the stair renovation, remove the upholstery and make sure that no glue remains.

Of course, everyone's budget is different and we can't look into your wallet. But consider the benefits of hiring a professional. When you hire a painter from Zoofy, you don't have to take vacation days to go into the know with a paintbrush to paint your stairs yourself. Moreover, our painters are highly professional. They paint daily and therefore can probably (no offense) achieve a nicer result than if you were to paint the stairs yourself. At Zoofy the price of a painter is based on market research and what is a reasonable amount according to our painters themselves. This way you always pay a fair amount and never get any surprises.

Paint the stairs

Oy. Dropped something while walking up the stairs? The paint layer is visibly damaged. If the damage is minor you can often touch it up, but if the stairs are damaged in several places, or even start to flake off, it is time to paint your stairs. Varnishing your stairs can make a world of difference. Especially open stairs that are damaged, for example in the living room, can cause the appearance not to be very nice. Varnishing your stairs will make them the focal point of your home again.

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