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Painting window frames is an accurate job. Everything must be neatly taped, sanded and sometimes bad spots have to be repaired first. A professional can help you with this. Describe what needs to be done and make an appointment directly with a painter in your area.

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Paint indoor window frames

Can your window frames use a facelift? You can give your window frames a second life by painting them. Are you about to give your window frames a new coat of paint? Beware: Painting window frames is a tough job. The job takes a lot of time and, if it is not done properly, you will do more harm than good. Because of the changeable climate in the Netherlands, your outside paintwork has to be able to take a beating. After all, it has to endure a lot. Good protection of your window frames is important, but maintaining the paint layer on your window frames is also important. For the most beautiful and durable end result, hand your job over to a professional painter. You can read exactly how window frames painting works and what the price of painting your window frames is on this page. 

Painting window frames: when do you do that?

How long the painting of your window frames lasts exactly depends on various factors. On average, interior window frames need to be painted every seven years. However, painting your window frames outside is a different story. They have to endure much more weather conditions. In order to be able to enjoy your window frames for as long as possible, it is necessary to paint them once every five years. The life span of the paint on the window frames can be longer or shorter. Therefore, it is important to check your window frames on a regular basis, in order to determine whether window frame painting is necessary. Pay attention to the following points:

Are there cracks in the paint? Cracks are most likely to be visible on the lying parts of the window frame, such as the window sill.
Are there any visible damages, discolourations or traces of wear?
Is poor paint adhesion visible? You can see this when the paint starts to flake off (powdering), or when blisters become visible on the paint.
If you want to have more paint work done besides painting the window frames, such as painting an external wall, or painting your walls inside, it is wise to start with the window frames first, before you start on the walls. That way, you can easily repair any mistakes with wall paint afterwards.

Costs for painting window frames

Painting window frames is, just like painting a house, a considerable paint job. Of course, the costs of painting window frames will probably be an element that you are curious about. Perhaps you are considering repainting your window frames. This will probably save you money, but it will also take some time. Repainting window frames takes some craftsmanship. A recognised painter of Zoofy is a master in his work and knows the correct adhesion of the paint. Moreover, the painter often gives a guarantee on his paintwork. The cost of painting window frames depends on different aspects. There is a difference in price when you paint the window frames inside or outside. For the outside window frames painters usually use a higher rate than when they paint the window frames inside. This is because a painter uses special paint and extra materials like a scaffold when he paints outside window frames. Below you will find an overview of the average costs for painting window frames according to our database. Of course, this is an average and each situation must always be looked at individually. It depends of course on the size of the window frames, the condition and the type of material that needs to be painted. If, for example, there is wood rot, the painter will spend longer on repair work. Do you want an indication of the price for painting window frames at home? Then use the calculator on this page.


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