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By good maintenance of the façade, you extend the lifespan and give your home a nice look. When painting a façade, there is some work to look at: sanding, updating bad spots, priming, and then finishing. Often twice. Describe your job and make an appointment with a painter with whom you can discuss the job.

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Painting facade through a painter from Zoofy

Painting your façade is not a superfluous luxury, because it gives your house a beautiful appearance. Would you also like to paint your façade, but do you not know what colour to choose and are you wondering what the costs of your exterior painting will be? Then read on quickly, because below you will discover everything you need to know about outside painting!

Give your facade a new shine with exterior paintwork

Every so often it is important that your façade is painted, because the outside of your house gets a lot of wear and tear. Facade painting is necessary to give your house a beautiful look again and that is more important than you think, because your facade is the business card of your house.

In addition, there is another important reason for having your façade painted regularly: painting protects your façade and makes it stronger and more resistant to moisture.

How often should you paint your facade?

So painting your façade is very important, but how often should you have it done? The painting of your façade should be done more often than interior painting. It is recommended to do this once every 5 to 10 years, although it depends on the location of your house. Houses that are sheltered from wind and weather need to be painted less.

When is it best to have exterior painting done?

If you want to have painting done on your façade, it is important to know that you cannot just have it done the whole year round. For the best result you should avoid temperatures below 5 degrees, because if it is too cold it takes longer for the paint to dry.

The ideal temperature for painting the façade is between 10 and 20 degrees. So between April and October is the best period. In addition, you should make sure that it does not rain or has not rained. This is especially important if you want to paint the woodwork. Wood that is wet will damage the paintwork.

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