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Have your shower tray installed by a Zoofy plumber. Replacing your current shower tray is also possible. At Zoofy you do not pay any call-out costs nor hassle with quotations.

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Replace a shower tray by a professional

Is your current shower tray in need of replacement? Or would you like a trendy new style shower tray? Then check out some of the shower tray options available to you. Have your shower tray professionally and hassle-free installed and benefit from an accurately placed shower tray without careless mistakes. Read the text below and see what is involved in having a shower tray professionally installed.

Shower tray installation options

There are several options available for installing a shower tray. For example, you can choose from various shapes, types of material and you can determine the height of the shower tray.

The shape

Everyone has their personal preferences and would like a shower tray that suits their bathroom style. Hence, you have a choice of various shapes of shower trays. For example, you can choose from rectangular, square or semi-circular shower trays.

The material

The most common type of material for a shower tray is the ceramic shower tray. However, numerous other types of material are also suitable, such as steel or plastic. Which material you choose depends on your personal preferences and the style of your bathroom.

The height

When installing a shower tray, you can choose between a high or a low step. A low step in is often more practical and thus resembles an entry shower. However, in most cases the floor here often needs to be raised. Another method is to choose a high step-in shower. These are often easier to install and require fewer modifications to the current bathroom.

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