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Leaking toilet

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When there is a puddle of water under the toilet bowl from scratch, there is probably a leak. This can be at the drain. Usually a 'sleeve' has to be replaced. Make an appointment with a plumber in the neighborhood. The leak is then quickly resolved.

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In a rush? Book a plumber for fixing toilet leakage

Walk into the toilet stall and see water around the bottom of the toilet? Big chance of a leaking toilet. You may have a leak on the toilet bowl itself or the cistern. The cause of a leak can be in a number of things. The drain may not have been connected properly. Or material has worn out after x-number of years. With a floating toilet, the problem is often in the drain. Because it must be a different connection than with a standing toilet.

Leakage in toilet bowl

If the problem is in the cistern then fixing the leak is not the most extensive job. Is the leak really on the toilet bowl itself then it is a different story. The toilet will then have to be completely detached and removed from its place. Through our website you can arrange for a plumber to help you. Because the cause of a toilet leak cannot be seen immediately, the plumber uses an endoscope camera. This allows him to locate the leak without much cutting and breaking. This allows the plumber to work neatly and you are not left with the mess. 

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