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Venting the radiator

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Bleeding the heating system

It is advisable to have your heating system bled periodically to prevent air from getting into the pipes. Before you have this done, it's helpful to know more about the cost of heating venting and so on. Below you will find the information you need in advance!

Why is it important to bleed your heating system?

Periodically bleeding your radiator is more important than you think, because if there is air in your radiators, it can reduce their performance. Transporting hot water can no longer be done optimally because air is in the way. As a result, you will have to turn your radiator higher to achieve the same heat, resulting in higher energy bills.

But that's not all: air in your radiator can also cause damage. After all, a central heating boiler is not made to pump air around. If you want to avoid higher costs, then it's a good idea to have your radiator bled on time!

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