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Defrost frozen pipe

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Not only does the water supply stop. In the case of a frozen pipe, there is also the risk that it will burst. This can result in enormous water damage. Make an appointment with a plumber who knows how to prevent that.

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Defrosting a frozen pipe

Do you turn on the tap but no water comes out? That could be a frozen pipe. A frozen pipe could cause a burst water pipe. Then you have a lot of damage. Check with your neighbours whether they have water; if they do, the problem is yours. A frozen pipe occurs in places where it does not get or stay warm. For instance, a pipe in the crawl space or outside the house. You can defrost the pipes yourself, but if you don't feel up to it, call in a plumber. When the pipe is frozen, make sure that the main valve is turned off, which can be found at a hatch behind the front door or in the crawl space. Check the pipe for cracks and whether it has burst. You can defrost the water pipes by heating the room. Open all the radiators slightly and turn up the thermostat, the warm air will then spread out. Is the frozen water pipe in the crawl space? Then you could place a portable electric heater there. You can also put cloths soaked in warm water over the frozen section. When the water pipe has thawed again, carefully open the main tap. Check the pipe for leaks and cracks.

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