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Moving the gas pipe

Moving a gas pipe can be a complicated job. For example, you need the right tools and you must have some understanding of piping. It is one of the most common jobs for our plumbers. Moving a water pipe (or gas pipe) may be necessary when you want to install an extra tap, for example. Or a piece of old pipe needs to be replaced. For example, an old lead pipe that needs to be replaced by a new copper pipe. 

Before starting to move a pipe, always close the main valve. This prevents leaks when a pipe is cut or sawed through. Then always make sure that all the water pipes are empty. You do this by opening all taps in the house until no more water comes out. If you forget to do this, then when you disconnect a water pipe, you run the risk of having litres of water pouring out of the pipe onto your floor, with possible water damage as a result.

Different types of gas pipes and water pipes

These days, you have a choice of different types of new pipes. You can use an old-fashioned copper pipe. But there is also a flexible water pipe on the market. The latter is very quick to install because it is easy to bend. Special couplings are used to connect this type of flexible pipe. This type of plastic pipe is also suitable for the installation of a new kitchen or bathroom. But if they cannot be concealed behind the wall or coving, it does not look very neat. So that is worth considering. However, they are suitable for both cold and hot water. For gas, always use a copper pipe!

Moving gas pipes

Before you start moving pipes, it is always advisable to first draw out how the pipes will be laid. It is also always important to properly measure the distance between different couplings. If you measure a distance too short, that is a waste of material. With flexible pipes it is particularly necessary to cut them straight and to deburr them. This is done with a special device. It prevents leaks at a coupling because it ensures that the water pipe is properly sealed. 

When a pipe is in full view, most people will opt for copper pipes. This looks neater, although it is more laborious to quickly lay a water pipe. You need special tools to bend a copper pipe. For a professional plumber, this is standard equipment that he almost always has in his van. A flexible pipe can easily be cut to size with a special cutter. A copper pipe must be sawn. Or the plumber uses a pipe cutter for this purpose. 

Moving a water pipe often means that you also have to adjust or move the drain. Especially when the room was not previously used as a kitchen or bathroom. Often there is some breaking work involved so that you can lay a pipe for the drain under the floor that still has to be laid. This is usually a fairly radical job for which you would rather call in an expert. 

Sometimes you may have to install a water main or move a water pipe. This is a job for professionals. It seems very simple, but it has to be done very professionally and carefully to avoid problems later on. Below, we discuss a number of issues concerning the installation or relocation of water pipes, costs and why you should choose our experts.

Costs of moving pipes

The cost of moving pipes depends on various things. The costs are usually per hour and there are also the costs for the necessary materials and call-out charges. Installing a water pipe is often done by a plumber. On average, a plumber charges between €40 and €70 per hour. However, costs vary depending on the size and location of the job. Below you will find a schedule that provides an overview of everything.

Average costs for laying water pipes

See below the prices for laying water pipes for different rooms.

Water pipes in different rooms Costs
Water pipes in the toilet €60 to €300
Water pipes in the kitchen €200 to €550
Water pipes in the bathroom €250 to €600
Water pipes under the floor €100 to €300
Water pipe installation outside: €150 to €350

Up to 1.5 metres €300 to €400
2 metres €600 to €750
Where is the most time and where are the costs?
The time it takes for a professional to move or install a water pipe depends on a number of things, such as the type of pipe, whether hot or cold water flows through it, what the distance to the main pipe is and the accessibility of the place. This is briefly explained below.


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