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Leakage in shower

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A leaking shower tray is often the result of loose sealant seams, bad joints or a broken siphon. Describe your job and make an appointment directly with a plumber in your area. The leak is then quickly resolved.

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Fix your leaking shower

After a nice shower, the entire bathroom is flooded. Water damage is also starting to show on the wall. Ideally, you would like to repair the leaking shower tray yourself, but is that possible? Below is a short step-by-step plan on how you can remedy this problem yourself.

First of all, it is important to locate the leak. Is the problem in the tiling, broken tiles or cracks? If the cause can be found here, then take a flat screwdriver in hand. The tile with the leak often sounds hollow.  If the problem is not in this area, you can check the sealant for cracks. In addition, do not forget to check the sealant in the shower drain.  If there are cracks in the sealant, it is important to proceed thoroughly. Remove the old sealant and replace the sealant joints. There is special tape for this, so that no spot is missed. It is also important to check the joints. If there is a crack in them, your grouting will need to be replaced. This is best done by a professional, such as

It is also important to check the rosettes. They are located behind the shower mixer. You should be able to unscrew them by at least two centimetres. Can't do this? Then the adventure stops here and you will have to call in professional help again. Is it possible to unscrew them by at least two centimetres? Then check around the screw thread and the tile for complete sealant. The sealant must fill the entire space between the screw thread and the tile.

Finally, you can check the water pipes. This is usually located in the meter cupboard or well. Measure the water level again in the evening and in the morning and do not use any water in the meantime. If the level changes the next morning, contact a plumber from

Zoofy plumbers are skilled and reliable professionals who will be happy to help you fix your leaking shower tray if you can't follow this step-by-step plan.

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