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Install washing machine

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A washing machine can stand at any place in the house as long as there is a drain in the neighborhood. Sometimes a crane needs to be installed and some piping is needed. Describe the plans and make an appointment directly with a plumber in the neighborhood.

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Washing machine installation costs

Connecting a washing machine can be as little as €89 fixed price incl. VAT. Most of the Zoofy users paid €130 for connecting the washing machine. Read below how you can easily hire a plumber through Zoofy.

Connecting the washing machine yourself

Just got a new washing machine, now to connect it. What a hell of a job. Where to start? How do you connect the washing machine to the drain? Or to the electricity? You can find the full explanation below. While it may sound simple, it is not. So if you could use a little help, don't hesitate to call in the experts at Zoofy. Installation is done in 30-120 minutes.

First of all, what do you all need?

Spirit level
Drain cap
Drip tray
Drain hose
Teflon tape
Power drill
Supply hose
Support bar
Trolley or extra help with lifting

Before you start, don't forget to check whether the washing machine comes with matching supply and return hoses.


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How should I connect a washing machine?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to connect your washing machine yourself. Check out the supplies and follow the six steps of connecting.

Step 1: Place a drip tray

First, place a drip tray where you want to put your washing machine. If water still comes out of your machine or it is not connected, it will be collected in the drip tray.

Step 2: Get the washing machine ready

Place the washing machine as close as possible to where it should eventually be. Make sure you have enough working space and always check that you can reach the drain, tap and socket. Are you replacing your old washing machine with a new one? Then immediately take the opportunity to clean the space.

Step 3: Connect the supply pipe

First connect the supply line, twist it onto the washing machine at the back. The connection is usually located in the top right corner. Then connect the other end of the pipe to the tap. Use a bit of Teflon tape for this, if necessary, before wrapping around the tap's threads first.

Step 4: Test the pipe

Once the supply pipe is securely attached to the washing machine, turn on the tap. Check that no water is leaking, if you do have leaks you will have to reconnect the hose.

Step 5: Close the drain line

Now position the washing machine as best you can. Connect the drain line to the washing machine. On newer washing machines, the drain pipe is often already pre-mounted. If you don't already have a support bracket, then mount it on the wall. Try to make sure that the support bracket protrudes slightly above the drain, so that you can later guide the drainpipe into the drain via the bracket. This way, you won't have to worry about flooding. Then click the drainpipe around the support bracket and screw a drain cap onto it afterwards. Next, put the drain pipe with drain cap into the drain pipe.

Step 6: Level the washing machine

Next, you can plug in the washing machine and slide it exactly where you want it. After this, place a spirit level on the top of the appliance to see if the washing machine is completely level. This is the case when the little air bubble appears exactly in the centre of the spirit level. If the machine is not level, you can adjust the feet of the washing machine. Then keep doing this until the machine is level, in order to prevent leakage.

Have your washing machine connected by a Zoofy plumber

It is of course possible that you did not succeed in connecting a washing machine. Then don't hesitate and arrange for a plumber from Zoofy. Wherever you live, our plumbers are always nearby. Because our plumbers always work locally, we don't charge call-out fees. This saves in the wallet. In addition, all rates on the site include VAT. We want to be as transparent as possible. Easily book a plumber within 30 seconds to connect your washing machine.
You can pay via iDeal or with QR-Code afterwards. Do you have any further questions? Please contact our customer service team. If you need a plumber for a longer period of time, for example for a whole day or a whole week, you can also contact Zoofy.

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