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Connect drainage channel to drain

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A drain in a home almost always ends up in the sewer system. A professional ensures that this is done accurately. This way you keep dirty odors out of the house. Make an appointment directly with a plumber in your area.

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Connecting drain to sewer


In every home, installing a drain is extremely important. The drain ensures that water can flow to the sewer and that you have water from the tap and shower. Installing a drain is therefore necessary. Make sure that you always install the drain carefully and avoid the risk of clogging, bad smells or other problems.

Are you a real handyman? And do you like to take on a challenge? Then find out more about installing drains, installing bathroom drains, installing kitchen drains, what you need and what you should pay attention to. If DIY is not your thing, don't worry, you're not alone. Find out more about the various possibilities and advantages of having a professional install your drain.


Installing a bathroom drain

There are different types of drainage systems. For example, you can install a drain bathroom, such as for the bathtub, shower tray, toilet, washing machine and sink. For the bathroom drain, PVC pipes are used for and are connected.


Installing kitchen drains

There are also drainage systems for the kitchen, such as for the dishwasher and sink. Installing the kitchen drain is related to various drainage systems and is often a complicated job where several drainage systems come together. The water from all drainage systems is carried through pipes to the central drain where it then enters the sewer system.


Different diameter drainage systems

Indoor drainage systems differ in their types. The dimensions of drain pipes are expressed in diameter and are usually around 20 to 16 millimeters. The correct diameter is extremely important for careful connection to faucets and pipes. Therefore, before installation, always carefully measure the diameter of the drain and the connection point.

PVC pipes are used to connect the drain. These pipes are very sturdy and can be easily processed. The PVC pipes are suitable to fit many different drain systems. For example, there are PVC pipes in diameters of 30, 40 or even 110 millimeters. Also available are PVC pipes with bends, which makes it easy to ensure that the drain can be connected at the right angle.


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