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Routing pipes

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It is best to route a gas or water pipe neatly away. This can be done in the wall or floor. This requires special equipment. This is often done with the help of a milling machine. Make an appointment with a professional who does it for you.

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Have a pipe routed

Starting a renovation in your home, do you want the pipes neatly concealed in the wall? Then you have to start routing. Milling for a pipe can be done in the wall or floor. Are you handy enough? Then you can start yourself. Another option is to hire a plumber. The plumber has more experience with freezing a pipe. You can find a plumber on If you're going to do an infrequent trenching, make sure you have as few things in the room as possible. There is a lot of dust when you do the plunge cuts. You can connect a trenching cutter to a construction hoover. Make sure you have selected the right depth. There are also various types of router that may be suitable. There are routers that are very precise but not as fast. Others are faster but not as precise. There are also ways of routing in which you can at least get into the corners. Doing it yourself is cheaper, but you do need to be handy. Do you want to be helped by a plumber? Then quickly arrange one through Zoofy for a competitive rate.

When you want to carefully hide various pipes in your walls, you can have your pipes drilled. This is a specialist job for which the help of a professional is recommended. Find out more about the possibilities, the different types of pipes and the average costs of having pipes routed.

What does trenching involve?

Infrequently routing pipes and cables is the careful hiding of pipes and cables in walls, ceilings or in the floor. For this purpose a narrow groove is made in concrete or another stony material, which then has to be plastered.

Routing pipes is not only more aesthetic, but also more practical. When the pipes are neatly tucked away, there is more space left and the pipes are never in the way when you want to place furniture or the like.

Also, the cables and pipes are better protected against dirt and damage and you do not have to worry about the pipes and cables when you have them routed. Of course, it is important that you only have cables and pipes routed when you are not using them and they are suitable for routing.

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