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Drain clogged, now what? Or is your drain not clogged but not running? A clogged drain is very annoying, and always comes at a time when it is absolutely inconvenient. When the drain is clogged in the kitchen, you're probably dealing with a sink clog. But even if your toilet drain is clogged, the shower drain, or the washing machine drain is clogged, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. After all, these are all appliances that you use every day. One of our plumbers will help you with your clogged drain.

When you register your job request with us and clearly describe which drain is blocked, and when you want the professional to come, we will immediately start working like crazy to find the right plumber for your job. Once we have found it, you will be in direct contact with a plumber in your area. There are no middlemen, so you can arrange everything together. The plumber has a bus full of supplies, so he can get to work immediately to unclog your drain. For example, he will take a puller (also called an unclogging spring) to unclog the drain.

Cost of unblocking your drain

Apart from the fact that you don't want a clogged drain, you also don't want a huge bill for having a professional come and unclog your drain. We understand that. That is why we are not secretive about the costs of unblocking your drain. We have a fixed price for each drain unclog. The cost of a clogged drain cleaning is the same for all clogged drain jobs at €99. You can find an overview below. A small note here is: sometimes it happens that customers report a clogged drain to us, but there appears to be more to the matter. If it turns out to be a sewer blockage, the problem is deeper and more complex to solve. Logically, a drain blockage also takes more time than solving a clogged drain, and therefore more money. 

Cost overview for unblocking a drain

In the cost overview below you will find the prices that are calculated for resolving a clogged drain. There is a difference in the hourly rate of the plumber for an emergency job.

Clogged drain price
Price drain clogged €99
Urgent drain unclogging €149
servicecosts unblocked drain €24,95
service costs for unblocked drain urgently €24,95
Unclog your drain tips
Before you call in a professional from Zoofy, you might want to do some work yourself. Many people try to clear a clogged drain themselves before calling in professional help. That is why we have compiled some drain clogging tips for you. Who knows, you may succeed in clearing the clogged drain yourself.

Tip 1: Ever heard of a plopper? If you Googled it you'll recognize it. It's one of those rubber suction cups on a wooden handle. You can use the suction cup of a plopper to pull accumulated dirt out of the drain pipe. Before you start working with the plopper, make sure there is a layer of water in the plumbing. This will increase the suction power.

Tip 2: Is a plopper not working? Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain. Then add a cup of vinegar. Beware! This fizzes and foams. Let the mixture soak it for 15 minutes, then pour boiling water over it. 

Tip 3: Not successful? You can repeat tip 2, but also do the following: mix a bucket of hot water with a packet of baking soda. Unlike all the chemical unclogging products on the market, this is an environmentally friendly way of unclogging the drain. Flush the bucket down the clogged drain and let it soak in overnight.

Tip 4: Are you dealing with a clogged drain and a siphon (gooseneck)? If you can reach it, you can unscrew the siphon and clean the inside. Put a container under it before you start cleaning it. Dirt can come out of it. Using gloves with this job certainly won't hurt, it's a dirty job. Make sure you mount the siphon properly after cleaning, otherwise you have a chance of a leak.


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