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This is what it costs on average to install a Quooker

You probably use boiling water more often in a day than you realize. Making a cup of tea, cooking a nice egg for lunch or making pasta for dinner, you need hot water for everything. Well, of course you can put a pan on the stove, or grab the kettle, but there is a much faster and more convenient way to get boiling water. With a Quooker you have boiling water in no time, just from your tap. Ideal right! Not surprisingly, more and more households are opting for the comfort of a Quooker in the kitchen. Would you also like to enjoy the convenience of a Quooker? If so, you will naturally wonder what it costs to install a Quooker and what is involved. We are happy to explain it to you.

How does a Quooker work?

Before you decide to install a Quooker, you'll want to know exactly what you're getting. Quooker has a number of different models in its range, all of which work slightly differently. For example, the Quooker Flex works differently than the Quooker Fusion and you can do a little more with the Quooker CUBE than with the other models. What all Quookers have in common is the simplicity with which you can get boiling water from your tap. Of course, they are all equipped with safety measures, so you will never accidentally get hot water out of the tap. A boiling water faucet consists of two separate parts. On the countertop you have the faucet itself and in a kitchen cabinet under the sink is a reservoir. This reservoir is excellently insulated, which makes it easy to keep the water at a temperature of 110 degrees. The reservoir is connected to the water supply, so it refills itself immediately after use. Thus, you are never without boiling water. And even if you want hot water, many Quooker models can help you right away. It then mixes the boiling water with cold water, so that the perfect temperature water immediately comes out of the tap. So no more waiting for hot water.

What does a Quooker install cost?

Quooker install cost? This depends on a number of factors. For example, there are a large number of different models of Quookers, which also come in different versions. A separate boiling water faucet, which you install next to your current faucet, is significantly cheaper than a boiling water faucet and faucet in one. So the exact cost depends on your own requirements. The layout of your kitchen also plays a role. Not only the faucet, but also the reservoir will have to be installed. In some kitchens this is easier than in others. The table below gives an indication of what a Quooker installation will cost. The actual Quooker price and the cost for a professional to install your Quooker may vary.

What does a Quooker installation cost?
Job Average price
Quooker Price € 900,- tot € 3.000,-
Installation Quooker € 150,- tot € 300,-

The Quooker price is now known, but then of course you want to know the pros and cons of installing a Quooker. That way you can make an informed decision as to whether installing a Quooker is the right choice for you.


A Quooker is safe and fast. You immediately have boiling water when you need it and the special safety device reduces the risks of an accident. Of course, you always have to be careful with hot water, but unlike a kettle or pan, a Quooker cannot tip over. The good insulation also means you can't burn yourself on the spout. And because of the child safety feature, children will never be able to grab hot water just like that.
With a Quooker you save water. In a kettle you often boil more water than you actually use. You then throw away the surplus. A waste, of course! With a Quooker that waste is a thing of the past, because you get exactly the amount of boiling water from the tap that you need.
Quooker is the faucet that can do everything. If you choose a Quooker CUBE you not only get boiling water, but also cold, hot and even sparkling water from the same faucet.
Water from the Quooker is delicious. Because of the special filter in the reservoir, the water is filtered. Because of this, many people find it tastier than from a normal faucet.


Installing a Quooker is a hefty investment. Compared to a kettle, you spend a lot more money for a Quooker.
The reservoir of a Quooker takes up a lot of space. Especially if you have a kitchen with limited cabinet space, this may be a reason to think twice before having a Quooker installed.

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