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If you no longer use a gas or water pipe (for the time being), it must be closed with a cap. We call that topping. Make an appointment with a plumber from the neighborhood. Then you know for sure that the leakage is free.

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Capping the water pipe / Capping the gas pipe

Are you going to rebuild? Or do you no longer need an installed tap? When a tap or pipe is not used in the house for a longer period of time, it is smart to seal the pipe. That way your household is protected against polluted water. A Zoofy plumber is a true professional who can cap any kind of pipe for you. Whether it's a pipe that's in a wall or hidden in your kitchen cabinet. The Zoofy plumber will make sure that your pipe is sealed without any chance of leakage.

What is capping

When a water pipe or gas pipe is no longer in use, you have to shut it off. This may be because you no longer use a tap or because you have installed another pipe during a renovation, for example. It is possible to temporarily seal the pipe, but in most cases it is safer and therefore wiser to seal the pipe permanently. Sealing involves various skills and safety standards. Just doing it yourself with a clamp can result in a soiled pipe, which can lead to soiled water. In addition, not knowing what you are doing can be the cause of a major leak. Therefore, it is smart to leave the water pipe capping to a skilled plumber. He or she will seal the pipe by installing a special pipe clamp or by soldering a cap to the end of the pipe.

What are the costs of capping water pipes?

The costs of capping water pipes naturally differ for each job. Does it concern a single pipe or several. Is the pipe located in a wall or is it easy to find and how long does it take to cap. The Zoofy plumber fees for draining water pipes are €85 set rate. This is without call-out charges and with the assurance that the job is done by a real professional. In addition, you're also assured of the "will do" guarantee. This guarantee ensures that what was agreed upon will actually be done. So you know for sure that you will be happy with your capped water pipe afterwards. Something goes wrong during the job? Then it's good to know that the job can be insured with the warranty package. That will surely give you peace of mind.
Did you start the job yourself and is the water now gushing into your bathroom? Then ask for an urgent job. For €111 set rate, the Zoofy plumber will come to your rescue. With the same guarantees as for a normal job. When you fill in your plumber request, it's possible to give a description of the job. Fill in the description as complete as possible. So that the professional can start working for you immediately.

Why should you cap a pipe

If a water pipe is left unused for a long time, the stagnant water in the pipe can become contaminated. Legionella bacteria can get into it, for example. This is a bacterium that can make people very ill. The Legionella pneumophila causes the disease legionellosis. This is a type of flu that can cause pneumonia and fever symptoms. For a healthy person, it is at most unpleasant. For someone with pre-existing health problems or older people, this bacterium can be life-threatening. All the more reason to have a professional do the sealing.

If the sealing is not done correctly, the contaminated water can end up in your ordinary tap water, with all its consequences. For this reason, you should always flush your taps after a long holiday. The same applies to the water pipes that you do not use. By capping the water pipes, you get rid of this whole problem. This way, you can get water from the tap in the rest of the house with peace of mind.

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