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Leakage in crawl space

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A crack in the drain often causes water to leak into the crawl space. Due to the high humidity, molds can develop in the long term. This can be bad for health. Directly make an appointment with a plumber who solves your problem. Often work in the crawl space requires the assistance of a second person. The rate below is based on only one pro.

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Fix leak in crawl space

When you find out that you have a leak in your crawl space, it is often already too late. At that moment the crawl space is already flooded. Then there is an unpleasant odour coming from it or you notice that there are a lot of vermin like mosquitoes or moths in the house. When you notice it, it is therefore important that you take action as soon as possible to solve the problem.  The culprit for water in the crawl space is often a leakage that originates from poorly constructed or years-old piping. The pipes may loosen over time due to the pressure of the water. Another cause for a leak in the crawl space can originate from rainwater pipes (rain gutters) that sag over time. Because of this subsidence the connection can snap, causing all the rainwater from the roof to run straight into your crawl space.  All this water in the crawl space can be an immediate danger to the other pipes. This gets wet and accelerates the rusting process. So before you know it, you have several leaks in your crawl space. Houses with a lot of wood in the crawl space have an additional problem. The changing water level due to the leak can cause the wood to rot quickly and the construction of your house can suffer as a result.  So it's important to find and fix the leak quickly.

Why choose Zoofy for leakage in crawl space

Through Zoofy you can quickly and easily find a plumber who can solve this for you. Keep in mind that work in the crawl space needs to be done with two people. Working in a crawl space is a risky activity. Because the crawl space is very confined and you can get stuck there, a professional must always be ready outside the crawl space in case of accidents. The work in the crawl space is therefore not suitable for every professional. For example, there are minimum requirements for the size of a crawl space, but this can still be a problem for some people. Fortunately, we have a wide range of professionals and this is not a problem through Zoofy!  On the overview page of all tradesmen you can find a picture of the tradesman who will help you. On top of that, all craftsmen are listed with their reviews, so you always know who will visit you! These reviews also guarantee that the work is done properly. Enter your job on and give your postcode and you will immediately see what hourly rates the tradesmen use. We also don't charge for a call-out, so you will never be surprised!  So make an appointment via our website! Do you have any questions or would you rather speak to an employee? You can reach us every day by phone, email or Whatsapp!

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