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Replace toilet fill valve

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Leave the installation or replacement of your toilet fill valve to a professional. Make an appointment directly with a plumber in your area. Describe what needs to be done. The toilet fill valve is usually replaced and fitted within an hour.

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Float replacement via Zoofy

Nothing is more annoying than a toilet that keeps running. Not only do you suffer from a continuous noise, you also waste a lot of water unnecessarily. Replacing a float is often a hassle, especially when it comes to a built-in toilet. Therefore, ask a Zoofy plumber to replace the float of your toilet. That will make the unnecessary water use and clatter disappear quickly. Even when a flush toilet float needs to be replaced, a Zoofy plumber is the professional for the job. He or she will make sure the float toilet is replaced and finishes the casing neatly again. This way you are helped with the running water problem without any of it still being visible. Get your Zoofy plumber quickly and go back to the toilet in peace and quiet.

How a float works

Most plumbers know what the problem is when you talk about a running water problem from your toilet. To make it clear for you too, we explain what a float is and what it does in the sink.
A float is part of a mechanism that allows your toilet to flush. Attached to the toilet's sink is a button or lever that, when pressed, causes the toilet to flush. The button is attached at the bottom of the sink to a valve. This valve opens and closes the sink when the button is pressed. The float drops down at the same time as the water, creating a leverage situation that opens the float valve. As long as the float is lower than the faucet, water will flow into the sink. When the water level is reached, the float valve automatically closes and the water flow stops.

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