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Toilet blockage

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Accumulation of dirt and grease can cause a blocked drain. Sometimes too much toilet paper is used. Anyway, it is a problem that you want to be resolved quickly. Therefore make an appointment with a plumber who will fix the blockage for a fixed fee.

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Toilet clog remedy

If your toilet is clogged, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Sometimes you can clear a clog yourself. But unfortunately this is not always the case. Our plumbers can have you in that case. They often come to you the same day. The unclogging experts in our network carry special equipment. They can use this equipment to get as far down the drain as possible to fix a stubborn clog. With us, you pay a fixed price for this job. Should the clog be further than 5 meters deep (something that rarely happens), the plumber may charge some extra fees. When you suffer from a clog in several places in the house, we speak of a sewer blockage. For this job, the cost of materials is included. Only if something is broken will you pay for materials. That rarely happens.

The cause is almost always accumulated dirt or toilet paper. Usually the clog is just in the swan neck of the toilet drain. Sometimes something else is going on when the water in the toilet stops draining properly. For example, do you have a sanibroyeur behind your toilet and you don't hear it pumping anymore? Then you are not suffering from a clogged toilet, but from a broken sanibroyeur. If you tap once with your hand or foot against the sanibroyeur and nothing happens, then the pump is broken. Because the sanibroyeur is broken, it looks like the toilet is clogged. But that is not true. Also here we can help. 

Unclog the toilet - Three ways to do it yourself

If you prefer to try it yourself, get some rubber gloves or a garbage bag and try the following method: Get a plunger and a garbage bag. Pump the plunger vigorously for a few minutes. If the toilet clog does not go away, put your hand in the garbage bag and put considerable pressure with the bag in the water. The more water pressure you build up, the more likely that will clear the clog.

For the same result, you can also use duct tape: Raise the seat. Make sure the toilet bowl is bone dry. And tape the entire pot with duct tape. Make sure no air can escape. You will probably have to put several layers of duct tape to get this done. Once this is successful, flush again. This way, you are already building up pressure in the toilet bowl. You will see the duct tape come up a bit. All you need to do now is pump vigorously. Place both your hands in the middle of the toilet bowl. Put considerable pressure on the duct tape. With any luck, you'll be able to unclog your clogged toilet again. Note: It can be a dirty job....

Sometimes you can also achieve results using a coat hanger. If you have one made of iron hanging in your closet, you can also use it to unclog your toilet. Keep bending the coat hanger at 1 point. At some point it will break through due to metal fatigue. Break the coat hanger through just before the hook. Wrap a cloth or duct tape around the hook so your toilet bowl doesn't get damaged. You can now use some prodding and pushing and pulling to loosen the dirt in the toilet bowl. You will take a while to do this but it usually works. If the water in the toilet is not too high you can remove the clog from the toilet. 


Clogged toilet what to do

In the supermarket these days there are many unblockers for sale. Most famous brand is probably unblocker from HG. To fix a sink clog, these often come in handy. A solution for a clogged toilet is usually not. The amount of water in your toilet bowl causes the unblocker to become too diluted and cannot reach the right place in the toilet. Using a chemical unblocker is also very bad for the environment and dangerous for children. 
Furthermore, on the Internet you will come across many other methods that in most cases do not help with a toilet clog. For example, soda salt or the combination of dishwashing liquid and hot water. Using boiling water also carries an unnecessary risk of burns. Simply using a toilet brush usually doesn't help either. You simply won't get deep enough. 

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