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Leakage in meter cupboard

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Water and electricity is a dangerous combination. It is best to always quickly fix a leak. But with water in the meter cupboard, the need is extra high. The risk of a short circuit is great. In the extreme case, fire can even occur. Make an appointment directly with a plumber who comes to help.

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Leakage fuse Box

A leak in the meter cupboard can be life-threatening. Because water and electricity do not mix. A short-circuit may occur and you will be much worse off. The leak must also be repaired on the same day. Use our website to arrange for a plumber to come and see you today.

Cause of a leak in the meter cupboard 

A leak can have several causes. In the meter box it can be caused by a leaking pipe, for example, or by an old pipe that has developed a crack after all these years. What you should do as soon as possible when you notice that there is a leak in the meter cupboard is to turn off the main tap. Is to turn off the main tap and
Make sure that the electricity is off. This will prevent short circuits and, in the worst case, fire. You can then try to find out where the water is coming from. Because it's hard not to use electricity and energy in the home these days, it's best to have a plumber come as soon as possible. The professional will fix the leak for you.

Do not turn on the power until the distribution board is properly dry. If you do turn the power back on, you will increase the risk of a short circuit with all its consequences. You can speed up drying by using a fan or other blowing device. Do use a different power network for this.
Is the distribution board dried out properly? Then have the distribution board checked for water damage. If it is, you need an electrician to install a new distribution board.

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It's easy to make an appointment with an experienced plumber on our website. Just tell us that you need someone urgently. Our plumbers are real professionals who can fix your leak in no time. Because of their experience, they know what to do. They are also members of the trade association Uneto vni. The professionals will come and help you anywhere and do not charge for call-outs.

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