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Install thermostatic tap

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Installing (smart) thermostatic valve/ radiator knob

A thermostatic tap is a tap you can mount to a radiator. This tap allows you to control the temperature of the radiator. It is a smart tap that you can set to a certain temperature. If the temperature in the room drops, the tap will increase the heat from the radiator to maintain the temperature in the room.


You can control the temperature in the room
You can save energy by lowering the temperature when you are not using the room
You can adjust the temperature according to your personal preferences


If the faucet is not installed properly, it can lead to poor operation
Costs of installing a thermostatic tap

The cost of installing a thermostatic tap at Zoofy is €89 fixed price, this includes labour for the plumber on a weekday. Need a plumber urgently? Then you pay a small amount extra. Agree on who will buy the thermostatic tap to avoid any material costs.

Use a plumber from Zoofy with thermostatic tap

It is better to hire a plumber to install the thermostatic tap. A professional has the right knowledge and experience to install the faucet correctly, allowing you to ensure that it works properly. Moreover, they can help you choose the right tap for your situation. Book a plumber to install the thermostatic tap. Have you bought a new smart radiator knob? Our professionals can also install it properly.

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