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Replace toilet water container

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An old toilet container has to be replaced after a while. Sometimes it is not so hygienic anymore. Or the old cistern simply does not fit the interior anymore. Describe what exactly needs to be done and make an appointment with a plumber in the neighborhood.

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Toilet cistern replacement

Are you lying in your bed nice and warm and do you hear the toilet running continuously? Of course, this is a very annoying noise and you have to get out of bed again to flush the toilet bowl. You can't get a good night's sleep, which is a prerequisite for waking up feeling fit. Apart from the fact that the toilet flushing is an annoying noise, it also costs a lot of money when the water keeps running. 

Replace float 

Running through the cistern can have several causes, for example, wear and tear and limescale cause the cistern to stop working properly. It is also possible that the float is broken, causing the cistern to fill up when it is already full to the brim. All the excess water needs to come out, which can then only enter the toilet bowl. It is possible to replace only the float. It is also possible that the floor valve or the floor valve is no longer functioning properly. It is also possible that the rubber ring is worn out. Sometimes the problem is bigger and the entire toilet cistern has to be replaced. In some cases, it is also cheaper to replace the cistern in its entirety rather than all of the inner workings. In most cases, this involves an old toilet bowl. Searching for and finding the right parts can therefore be difficult. Materials from the older toilet bowls are almost impossible to find. Does it seem difficult to you or do you not have the time? No problem, just make an appointment quickly and easily via our website. Within 5 minutes you will have made an appointment.

Replacing a built-in cistern toilet 

In many houses nowadays, the cistern is built-in and the toilet bowl hangs down. This looks more modern and is easier to clean around and under the toilet. Replacing the cistern does become a bigger job. To reach the toilet cistern, the tiles and anything else that gets in the way has to be removed before the plumber can reach the cistern. If there is something wrong in the cistern and the toilet is free, it is easy to find the defect. The plumber only needs to open the cistern to see if there is a broken part inside or if the entire cistern needs to be replaced. Replacing a cistern that is not built-in is not a problem for an experienced plumber. When the cistern is built-in, the job is a little bigger. Replacing a toilet cistern that is built-in is best done by a licensed plumber. You can find them here. Because you spend more time in the smallest room than you think, it's nice if everything works properly. So you want a new cistern to be installed professionally by a recognised plumber. So that further problems are prevented.

Rates for toilet cistern replacement at Zoofy

We have advantageous rates at Zoofy of €109 set rate and we never charge a call-out fee, because we work with local professionals. Besides that you can always request a quote without any obligations and you're guaranteed that the job will be done correctly by our plumbers. When the professional has done his job, you can use the toilet again without wasting money and water.

Urgent cistern replacement

You're not in a hurry and tomorrow or another day is better? At Zoofy, you can choose a day and time that suits you best. That way, you can sleep in the next day or you don't have to reschedule your appointments unnecessarily. 

Why Zoofy?

Zoofy only works with the most reliable and skilled plumbers. Furthermore, you can see what the (fixed) hourly rates are of the plumbers. Would you like to have other work done besides replacing your toilet tank? You can! Our plumbers can help you with a.o. connecting your gas cooker, replacing your toilet, detecting and solving leaks, clearing blockages and many more jobs. 

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