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Connect American fridge

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A refrigerator often needs to be connected to the water supply. For example, you can make unlimited use of the ice cube machine. Schedule an appointment with a local plumber.

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Have your American fridge installed

You're super happy with your American fridge, which churns out cold water and ice cubes. Of course, the fridge needs to be properly connected to both electricity and water. We have some tips to help you connect the fridge in the best possible way.

Connecting the American fridge

Before connecting the fridge, it is important to find a good spot. The place must meet a number of requirements:

A hard surface
Away from a heat source

It is important to consider the doors. Make sure there is enough space for both doors to open.


Water connection
Water pump pliers
Supply hose
Spirit level
Tensioning nut
Coupling piece

What to do

Figure out the right place for the fridge. It is important to consider the doors. Make sure there is enough space for both doors to open.
Check that the fridge is level to avoid any damage to the fridge or floor. If necessary, rotate the leveling feet.
Check that the refrigerator doors hang straight. You can adjust them with a clamping nut.
Connect the water: To do this, turn off the main tap first.
Connect the fridge to the tap. To do this, use a water pump and a supply hose. It is important to close the main tap when doing this. Using a connector, connect the hose to the water supply.
As soon as the fridge is connected to the water supply, you can turn the main tap back on.

Having an American fridge connected by a plumber

If you don't manage to connect the fridge, Zoofy will be happy to help! Use our website to make an appointment with a plumber at a time and date that suits you. The fridge will be installed at your convenience. Is it urgent? Choose the "Urgent" option in the request form and get in touch with one of our plumbers even faster.

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