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Unblock shower drain

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When the water in the shower no longer runs away, the drain is blocked. This is often the result of accumulating soap residues. Make an appointment with an expert from the neighborhood. The blockage is resolved for a fixed rate.

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Clogged shower drain fixed by Zoofy

You have finally got out of bed early in the morning and are having a nice hot shower, but the shower tray suddenly fills with water. You quickly turn off the shower before the entire bathroom is flooded, but what now? You need someone to help you unclog your shower drain.

Cause of clogged shower drain

Not only water flows through a shower drain. A lot more goes down this drain, such as sand and other debris. The biggest cause of blocked shower drains is hair. It is therefore important to regularly clean the shower drain to prevent it from clogging up in the first place. Soap residue is also a major problem for the drain.


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