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Broken toilet grinder

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If the toilet does not flush the dirt and you can not hear the grinder running, make an appointment with a professional in the area. The mechanic will dismantle the sanibroyeur, clean it well, and if possible repair and replace it again.

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There are several good reasons to choose for a Sanibroyeur. Many people would like to give the bathroom or toilet another place in their home. Maybe the location of your toilet is not ideal, or you want a second bathroom. A common problem is that the sewerage is not suitable for this. During the construction of most houses is namely taken into account that the toilet and bathroom remain on the same place. A Sanibroyeur is the ideal solution. It is also possible that you have already installed the device but are looking for a plumber for Sanibroyeur unblocking. We tell you all about the costs and what you need to take into account.

What is a Sanibroyeur

A Sanibroyeur is a toilet that can be installed anywhere. The only thing you need is a normal drain and an outlet. These toilets work by means of a dirt grinder. A normal toilet drain ensures that the dirt is carried to the sewer by means of a larger drain. Thanks to the grinders, the toilet also works with a small drain. Gravity forces the dirt through the grinder as you flush. Here the dirt is crushed into small pieces. It then fits easily through a standard PVC pipe between 26 and 32 mm.

This solution will quickly save you a lot of money and time. It is, after all, quite a job to rebuild the sewer drain. Many plans to build a new bathroom or to give it a different place end up in the trash. The Sanibroyeur offers a cheap solution for the drainage problem. You can turn any room into a bathroom, whether the right drain is available or not. Just like a normal toilet, a Sanibroyeur can get clogged, by incorrect use or too little maintenance. Sanibroyeur unblocked? Also for that you can find a suitable professional at Zoofy.

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