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Pipework is often needed when moving a radiator. That is a job for an expert. Replacing an existing radiator is easier. The central heating system is often drained, the radiator is hung in the right place, connected, and then the heating system is filled and vented. A plumber can help you with that.

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Book a plumber for radiator installation

Is your old radiator no longer working at the capacity you were used to? Or do you want your radiator in a different location in your home? No problem, arrange a plumber on our website who can replace your radiator. We'll have a Zoofy professional ready for you the same day. P.s., another day is always possible, of course!

Replacing or installing radiator via Zoofy

Replacing a radiator is not complicated, but it does need to be done carefully. Our plumbers know what to do with your heating and in what order to replace radiators. If you want to install a new radiator, always calculate first how big the new radiator needs to be to heat the room. Our plumbers can do this for you. But you can calculate it yourself by using the following rule of thumb: Your new heater should give off 75 W for every m3 of air to be heated. As an example: Your living room is 5 metres wide, 7 metres long and 2.30 metres high. The volume of this room is 80.5 m3 (5 x 7 x 2.30). The radiators in your living room should then give off 6038.5 W (80.5 x 75). Note that this method of calculation is a rough estimate. A plumber can do the calculation much more accurately for you. Would you rather have a plumber connect your radiator? He will take into account the insulation of your home and what temperature you find comfortable in your house. Also take a look at the possibility of installing radiator foil while you are working on the radiator.

Radiator installation costs

We understand that you are now curious about the costs of radiator installation. At Zoofy, we are transparent about the prices. We work with a fixed hourly rate. The radiator installation costs also depend on the job you request. Is it multiple radiators? Or do you want a new place and do the pipes need to be moved? These are all factors that will take the plumber longer to complete the job. Giving an exact price in advance is therefore difficult. After you have placed your job request, you will always be in direct contact with the professional. If you tell him or show him exactly what needs to be done, he can give you a clearer indication of the final cost. The overview of the costs of having a radiator fitted can be found below.

Cost of radiator installation Price

Radiator installation €249
Radiator installation urgently €324
service costs €24.95
Urgent service costs €24.95
How do you install a radiator?

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