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Water damage

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People already speak of water damage when your home has been damaged by a small amount of leaking water. One case is not the other. Some have their bathtub overflowing and others are unlucky enough to have their broken washing machine be the cause. There are several causes of water damage:

- Rust,frost, metal fatigue or faulty construction can cause a break in the water pipe.
- Climate changes mean that we are increasingly experiencing incredibly heavy rainfall. Our roofs are not designed to handle these changes and do not have adequate overflow capabilities. As a result, the drainage system can no longer handle the extreme downpours. The basement then floods or maybe it doesn't even have to be your basement. If your home is lower than the road and the sewer system can't handle it you get flooding in your home. Then the damage can be very high.
- The caulk edges in your home no longer work properly. They last on average 5 years and then lose its function. This can also cause leaks. Like joints, water seeps through them.

So you also have the extreme that a fire department has to put out a fire at your neighbor's house and that your house is also half extinguished. Fortunately, this rarely happens.

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