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A leak in the house can have many causes. Sometimes it is difficult to discover where the leakage has occurred. This requires research where our plumbers have extensive experience. Make an appointment with a professional in your area and get your leak is resolved.

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Resolve a leakage or fix a leaking toilet/ bathroom

A leak can have various causes and occur in various locations. For example, you may have a leak in the bathroom or a leak on the ceiling. Of course, it is important to get these leaks fixed as soon as possible. By doing so, you can help prevent considerable damage to your home. But how do you tackle this and what is involved? Check out the text below and get answers to all your questions about different types of leaks.

Different types of leaks

A leak problem is often caused by negligent home maintenance or unprofessional plumbing installations. In addition, a leak can often quickly increase in size. Therefore, a leak should always be fixed quickly. A leak can occur anywhere in the home. The most common leak problems occur in a bathroom, the ceiling or the floor.

Bathroom and toilet leaks

A leak problem in the bathroom or toilet can have several causes. For example, a leak can be caused by a broken or leaking shower pan or by poorly installed plumbing fixtures, such as the toilet or sink. With these types of leakage problems, it is important to identify the cause quickly and address the problem efficiently.

Detecting a leak in the bathroom or toilet is often difficult. For example, the leaky bathroom or toilet may be behind the tiling or under plumbing fixtures.

Ceiling or floor leakage

A ceiling or floor leak generally occurs fairly often. Especially in older homes or poorly maintained homes, a leak on the floor or ceiling can easily occur. This can happen, for example, due to excessive rainfall on a flat roof, where water is not properly drained by the gutter, or long-term moisture problems that have worsened and caused damage to the walls.

A leak to the floor or ceiling is generally not always detected immediately, so leak detection is often difficult. For example, the leakage problem may not be visible at first because of a second wall or because of carpeting. In the long run, however, this may worsen in the form of damp spots or a musty smell.

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