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Pipe purging

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Pipe bursting is a technique used to repair or replace pipes. The technique involves injecting a special resin or epoxy through the pipes. The resin or epoxy forms a waterproof layer that protects the pipes from leakage.


Pipe bursting is a quick and efficient way to repair or replace pipes.
It is a relatively inexpensive way to repair or replace pipes.
It is a relatively simple technique that can be performed by a plumber.


It is a technique that can only be performed by a professional plumber.
It is a technique that is only suitable for small pipes.
It is a technique suitable only for pipes that do not have too much pressure.

Possible costs for pipe bursting

The cost of pipework bursting can vary, depending on the size of the project and the location. At Zoofy, you pay an average of €75 per hour for pipe bursting. So for this amount, you can easily have any nasty blockages professionally fixed.

Use the skills of a plumbing company

It is advisable to have this technique done only by a professional plumber. The plumber can use the right technique to repair or replace the pipes, and can also use the right materials to protect the pipes from leaks. So, flushing pipes? Leave it to our plumbers. You book the job easily through our website with the button above. We will match you with one of our plumbers as soon as possible.

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