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Sewer blockage

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When the water in several places in the house no longer runs away properly, there is a sewerage obstruction. It often means that accumulated fat deposits and other junk block the sewer pipe. Our expert uses special tools to quickly resolve this problem at a fixed rate. Make an appointment directly with a plumber in the neighborhood.

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Sewer clog removal

If the water in several places in your home no longer wants to flow away through the drain pipes, you often have a sewer problem. Unblocking the sewer yourself is not an option in many cases. For this, you need an unclogging expert. A severe blockage is often at a junction of your pipes and just before the municipal sewer system. In such a case, the plumber brings specialist tools to pressurize your entire drainage system. In this way, he ensures that the sewer blockage can be unblocked.

How do you notice that the sewer is clogged

First, you will notice that the water in the toilet, sink/drain or shower is not draining properly or even rising. If you are suffering from a sewer blockage, you will often develop an odor. You smell a peculiar odor or simply put, a sewer smell. This is because false air is sucked in and into your room during a sewer blockage. In addition, you often see the water in the toilet bowl a lot higher than normal. A sewer blockage is actually a blockage in the "down pipe." That's the main pipe at your house or apartment. The pipe through which all the water in the house is drained. You need special equipment to access that. And you have to first find where clogging is then. Is it coming from your floor? Is the clog above or below you? An unclogging expert usually knows the source of the clog quickly.

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