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Repair leaking drainage

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A drainage leak can occur in the kitchen, bathroom and any other room where water is drained to the sewer. The cause may be wear or an installation error. Make an appointment with a plumber from the neighborhood who will solve it for you.

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Book a plumber for a leaky drain

When you suddenly encounter a puddle of water somewhere, it is of course very annoying.  So it is best if a well qualified professional comes and fixes it as soon as possible, so that the leak does not get any bigger. The first thing you can do is find out where the leak is. This is not always easy, but there are a number of ways to find your leak yourself.  Leaks mainly occur in pipes. Think for example of the sink, the shower and the central heating boiler. When there is a hole in a pipe, it is usually easy to solve by one of our professionals.  If you suspect a drain leak, you can first take the following steps yourself: Check the plug of your bath, is it loose? Then tighten it firmly. The plug should be completely tight so that it cannot leak. The same applies to your bathtub drain. Check the plug here as well. Is this not the problem? Then the best solution is to hire a professional through Zoofy.
Are you in a bit of a hurry because it is a big leak, then it is wise to let someone come urgently. You can request the best plumbers at affordable emergency rates. You can also read reviews of the professionals on our site. Through our rating system, you can immediately see which professional can help you best.  Also check the drain of the dishwasher, sink and kitchen. This could also be the cause of your leakage. The best thing to do in this situation is to check for water traces at your siphon. You can do this by walking past the siphon with a sheet of kitchen paper and then checking the sheet for moisture. If there is no leakage, you can check whether the plug is screwed in properly. If you have a leak in your bathroom but do not know how to solve it, our experts will be happy to come and help you!

What can cause a drain leak?

Drains are unfortunately very vulnerable to clogging. When a drain becomes blocked, this can lead to an accumulation of water. Because the water is then unable to drain away, a leak may occur. The most common leaks are from drains. You can prevent this by paying attention to blockages in, for example, your sink. If you notice that one of your drains is no longer draining properly, you can buy your own unblocker and use it according to the instructions. If this doesn't work we can send an unblocker specialist from Zoofy. - Another reason may be that there is a break in the drain. This can have several causes such as renovation or subsidence.  If you can't find or solve the leakage, you can use Zoofy to hire a good professional. Through Zoofy we offer great prices including VAT and we do not charge for travel costs. This way you won't be faced with unexpected costs. The professionals are located in your area so you can have a good professional on your doorstep within half an hour. We take your job both on the website and by phone, after receiving a rush job we immediately switch to the professionals to help you as soon as possible.

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