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Need a plumber (urgently) in Den Bosch?

We also have plumbers on standby in Den Bosch, also known as 's-Hertogenbosch, the capital of the province of North Brabant. You can find our plumbers in every neighbourhood or district of Den Bosch. Whether you live in North, West, Southeast, Binnenstad, Graafsepoort, Empel, Maaspoort, Muntel/Vliert, Engelen, Rosmalen Zuid/Noord, de Groote Wielen, Nuland or Vinkel. There is always a plumber near you in Den Bosch who can come and help you with all your plumbing jobs.

All jobs
Replace or install a bidet
12 requests made
From €75 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 3914 plumbers in your area
Urinal blocked
From €119 incl. vat
Based on prices of 2972 plumbers in your area
Boiling water tap installation
1,368 requests made
From €149 incl. vat
Based on prices of 3908 plumbers in your area
Repair boiling water tap
60 requests made
From €85 per hour incl. vat
Based on prices of 3917 plumbers in your area
Dishwasher clogged
552 requests made
From €109 incl. vat
Based on prices of 2999 plumbers in your area
Install gas stove/oven
3,792 requests made
From €85 incl. vat
Based on prices of 3738 plumbers in your area
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The following professionals are standing by on Zoofy!

Plumbers in Den Bosch available

So when you need a plumber in Den Bosch, you can use Zoofy to schedule an appointment with an affiliated plumber or plumbing company from the Den Bosch region. You choose your preferred day and time and within 5 minutes you will have an appointment in your diary. If you want the job done right away, we will have a plumber on site in Den Bosch as soon as possible. Our plumbers are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you no longer have to reschedule appointments or wait a long time for your new kitchen.


Plumbing companies in 's-Hertogenbosch

Besides moving a pipe or connecting a dishwasher, our plumbers can also help you with a leak, clogged toilet/drain/sewer/urinal, a leaking sink or shower tray, installing or replacing plumbing, moving a radiator, kitting a bathroom, replacing a cistern and much more. If you have several jobs you want done at once, you can also book a plumber by the hour. In the description, put down as precisely as possible what needs to be done. After the job is done, you don't have to worry about any mess, because our plumbers leave everything tidy for you. Zoofy can also help you with problems with your central heating boiler. Thanks to our network of central heating installers. Furthermore, Zoofy offers all kinds of handyman assistance in Den Bosch. Do you have a leak from outside? Then you need a roofer to do the job.

Our network of skilled professionals is rising in Den Bosch

Our approved plumbers are skilled and reliable professionals we select ourselves. After every plumbing job, the professional is assessed by the customer. In this way, we ensure that every job is completed to your satisfaction. If something does go wrong, we take action. Our customer service is always there for you if something is not quite clear or if you have another question about your job.

Cheap plumber in Den Bosch

At Zoofy, we charge competitive rates including VAT. You never have to pay call-out charges either. Furthermore, you can always request a no-obligation quote. Don't have any cash after the job? You don't have to. You can pay the invoice afterwards securely online with iDeal or Tikkie. Otherwise, you can of course simply transfer the amount.

Leak detection Den Bosch

Have your leaks traced by the plumbers from Den Bosch via Zoofy. The plumbers can perform a thorough leak detection, so you can be sure that the leak is fixed when the plumber leaves.

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