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Over 3.000 home professionals

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More than 15.000 reviews

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Pay after the job is complete

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Do you need a plumber directly in your area? Then you are at the right address. We have a network of approved plumbers throughout the Netherlands. This enables us to almost always have a good professional on site as quickly as possible. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week our website is available for all types of plumbing jobs. We are happy to help you if you suffer from a leak, when the sewer is blocked and in all other water and gas related jobs.

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In the times of the Romans, the word plumber originated. Plumbum is Latin for Lead. In the past, the plumbers themselves cast lead strips and pipes. Up to 50 to 100 years ago, a lot of lead was still used in plumbing work. Old mansions often still contain lead pipes from that time. It is durable, easy to shape and very suitable for moving water. It does not rust. Since about 50 years, lead is no longer used in homes due to health risks.

Nowadays our plumbers only use pipes made of copper and plastic. The use of plastic pipes in particular is on the rise. They are flexible, light, and therefore easy to install. Piping is just one of the jobs for which our help is regularly called on. Naturally we also take on jobs such as blockages, sewerage problems, roofing, leaks, placing cranes and other sanitary facilities and much more. We are also available day and night for central heating systems, problems with central heating or solving central heating boiler malfunctions.

There are quite a few plumbers affiliated with branch organizations such as uneto vni. That does not always mean that they are really good. What is nice is that there is a complaints regulation and you know for sure that your complaint is being listened to. We are happy with Zoofy. If something ever goes wrong with the person you do not like, please contact us. We are going to look for a solution for you!

Zoofy only works with plumbers who have at least a few years' experience. Of course, the most important thing is that a professional really understands his job. That means piping is a piece of cake. He must also be able to install a crane or sanitary without problems. If he specializes in remedying blockages, we assume that he will solve the problem quickly and permanently. In addition, we ask our plumbers to be flexible and to keep the customer well informed in order to prevent miscommunication.

Do you need a plumber and do you want to know what the prices are? Enter your postcode on our site and we will immediately show the rates that are used. Our website is always available 24/7. A plumber in Amsterdam deserves more than a colleague outside the Randstad.

Where you pay around 65 - 70 Euro per hour in Amsterdam, you pay somewhere between 60 and 65 per hour in a city like Nijmegen. Rates in Rotterdam and The Hague are at about the same level. There you also pay 65 per hour. That's a bit average.