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An additional group is often required to connect an electric oven or induction hob. Or the existing socket must be converted to a perilex connection. Describe what you want to connect and make an appointment with an electrician in your area.

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Electrical device connection

When you work with electrical equipment that has a plug, then it is legally required that these are inspected. Examples are hand tools, earth leakage switches, power current equipment, portable cables and distribution boxes. The higher the risk of the electrical equipment, the more often it must be inspected. The risk factors that apply to this are:

The knowledge that the users have about the equipment

The extent to which the equipment is used
The working environment
The chance that the device can cause damage
What exactly are the guidelines for the inspection of electrical work equipment, is mentioned in the NEN3140 standard. This standard is published by the Netherlands Standardisation Institute, and obliges employers to create and maintain a safe workplace for employees. The purpose of this ARBO law is to minimise risks on the work floor. It concerns the equipment that needs to be inspected for commercial use and not equipment that is used for private purposes. 

Do you use electrical equipment for business purposes, and has this equipment been inspected for a long time or never? Then simply arrange for an electrician to come and do this for you via Our website is available 24 hours a day to place a request. You can select the desired time, and we will start working for you to send an electrician at this desired time. We charge an attractive rate, and you will be given the opportunity to indicate your preference for a professional. You can also see what the ratings are for each professional and what kind of reviews previous customers have written about them. Because there is a profile picture of every electrician on the website, you always know in advance who is going to visit you; which is nice of course!

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Need a professional in a hurry for the inspection? No problem at all! We can also arrange a professional for you in a hurry. With our attractive rush rate, you can expect a professional on the very same day. Moreover, you never have to pay for call-out charges, we do not charge these. 

We understand that it is nice to always have contact with the professional before he comes. We always send the details of the tradesman, including the time he will be visiting, by e-mail. If you wish, you can then discuss the job with him by telephone beforehand, and if necessary arrange the time by telephone.


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