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If you want to hang lamps in other places, if several new contact points are needed, then you need a good plan. You have to determine where the wires will run and they must be connected safely. Describe your plans and make an appointment with an electrician in the neighborhood.

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Installing garden lighting

Would you like to be able to sit in your garden a bit longer in the evening? Or do you find it annoying to come home to a completely dark garden? Then garden lighting is exactly what you need. But there are many different types of garden lighting. Which type you choose depends on your own wishes, the function that the lighting should fulfil in your garden, the size of your garden and your budget. Would you like to know what to consider when installing garden lighting? And what are the costs of installing garden lighting? We have listed them for you.

Costs of installing garden lights

If you know what kind of garden lighting you can choose from, you will of course want to know the costs of installing garden lights. The costs of installing garden lights are made up of several aspects. You have to take into account the size of your garden, the type of lighting you want to install, the hourly rate of the professional, and whether or not you want a lighting plan. If you have chosen 12-volt garden lighting, this can be installed by a gardener. Do you want 220-volt lighting? Then you will have to call in an electrician. There is little difference in the hourly rate. An electrician will not be able to maintain your garden immediately, while a gardener can do some extra small jobs and save you money. The cost of installing garden lighting while having a gardener do the rest of your garden will be lower than if you hire a professional specifically for this job. So it is always smart to combine as many jobs as possible to get the best possible price.

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