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Do you need help with the installation of your television? Book directly a pro via Zoofy. No call-out costs and no hassle with quotations. A handy help is a student or retired handyman. They do not have certificates or a KVK number. They are suitable for use for easy chores.

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TV installation via Zoofy

Book an eletrician to install your television. No hassle with quotes. 

You're just getting into that exciting soccer game, your television breaks down, or you bought a second television for the bedroom and want to hook it up, but you don't know how. Television problems can just happen unexpectedly. These can range from a television setting, a media box not working properly to a black screen. It's annoying when your television doesn't work properly and can cause frustration, especially if you're just in the middle of a TV show or series. Fortunately, you can often fix it quickly, too. Sometimes you can see if you can fix it yourself, such as by reconnecting a cable, but sometimes the problems are more difficult. Doesn't it help to reconnect the TV cable and have you also already reset the Internet to take advantage of the digital possibilities? With our electricians, you'll be watching your favorite TV show or series again effortlessly in no time.

Get help

Sometimes there are problems with your TV that you cannot solve yourself. You can call the mechanic of KPN, DELTA or Ziggo, but a cheaper and faster solution is to call our electricians. The electricians have knowledge of many types of TVs and know the Philips, Samsung or LG TVs inside out. They are also familiar with interactive TV from KPN or the mediabox from Ziggo. So they can help you with:

Connecting a television
Setting up the television
Reconnecting to internet and TV
Checking and connecting cabling
Connecting a second TV
Checking TV settings

With no call-out charges, they will be at your door in no time. They will check what TV problems Ziggo is having or why your TV is not working. They may have to reset the television or reconnect the TV.

Connecting and setting up a television

Have you bought a new TV and want to connect and set up the TV? Often, installing a TV is not difficult at all. In most cases it's just a matter of connecting the media box to the TV and making sure all the cables are properly connected. But this is where things sometimes go wrong with connecting a television. For example, the cable may not be properly connected to the modem. Or that your connection does not work properly. Are you going to watch TV via ADSL or fiber? Even then problems can arise, but don't worry, our electricians can help you with traditional cabling, but also with these modern digital ways of connecting TV. It can also happen that after a while your TV suddenly doesn't work as it should. In that case, something may have changed in the wiring or in the connection at the meter box.

Connecting a second television

Are you going to connect a second television in the bedroom, office or in another room? It can sometimes happen that the second TV cannot be connected successfully. This can be due to many reasons. It could be that a second cable has to be pulled through before you can connect the second TV or that there is no stable Internet connection upstairs. Would you like to connect your second television without a cable? Even then there are several solutions to consider, for example, you can then opt for a power cable with outlets available nearby. It can also happen that all cables and connections are properly laid, but your TV still does not work. Then the problem may be in the settings of your television. There can be many small problems why connecting a second television does not work. It may sometimes take a while to find the cause, but problems with your TV can always be fixed.

Provider problems.

Two well-known providers for television subscriptions are KPN and Ziggo. For example, with KPN you can use Digitenne or interactive TV and Ziggo has a media box to watch television with. Do you suffer from KPN TV problems or the mediabox of Ziggo connecting lut not? Then you can also contact our elektrciens. They are familiar with the KPN error codes and can solve Ziggo TV problems for you in no time.

My KPN TV does not work: what now?

If you are having KPN TV problems, it could be anything. It could be that you suddenly don't have sound anymore or that your image remains static with Interactive TV. It can also happen that a certain error code is given or that certain channels are no longer available. Another common problem is that you can no longer record programs. However, you can often solve this easily by seeing if you can delete older programs to make room for new programs to be recorded. Is there another cause why you cannot record or television is not working properly? 

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