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Earth/Ground Outlet

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Since the 1970s, a ground outlet has been required to have. Good grounding in the meter cupboard ensures that the power is fed into the earth in case of emergency. If you fail a pen, you must still have it hit. Make an appointment with an electrician in the neighborhood.

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Earth/groundlet installation

It is important that you have your earthing system checked on a regular basis. It is not easy to notice when the grounding is not good or when it is worn out. You can therefore have your earthing checked by one of our skilled electricians. This can be done from as little as 60.00 an hour. For this rate, a skilled electrician will come and check your earthing and immediately resolve any defects. This way, you prevent dangerous situations such as fire. It is also possible that you still need to have grounding installed. Our electricians will be happy to help you with this too.

But why is it important to install an earth connection? Earthing prevents equipment from becoming electrically charged due to a ground fault. Your device can become electrically charged when it has a metal casing. When this metal casing comes into contact with the supply line of your electricity, such a problem can occur. Of course, this type of appliance has an insulation that can prevent this from happening, but this can wear out or come loose and cause a problem anyway. Usually the electricity flows away to earth, which means that the device you need is no longer powered. Another danger is that you may be electrocuted when you come into contact with the device. 

Here are a few things you can do yourself to prevent ground faults:

Check whether you have an earth leakage switch in the meter cupboard. If not, have it installed by one of the reliable and skilled professionals of Zoofy. They have extensive experience with the installation of earth leakage switches.
Never repair your electrical installation yourself, this can lead to dangerous situations. Zoofy offers good professionals for every electrician job. These professionals are screened on their skills and reliability. This way you always know that you get a good electrician at home who can solve dangerous situations for you.
Have your appliances inspected regularly, especially those that have water in them, such as your dishwasher. Moisture can create a conductive connection that causes earth faults.

Make sure you do not place any moisture near your electrical appliances, such as a vase with water.

Create a new earth pin 

Sometimes it is necessary to dig a new earth pin. Or replace an old one for a deeper one with a higher value. There are only a few companies in the Netherlands that are allowed to drive the earth pin. There are a number of specialised companies in the Netherlands. We advise you not to drive the earth pin yourself.

Depending on the local resistance of the ground where you live, an earth pin only has to be driven 1 metre into the ground and sometimes more than 10 metres deep. Driving a pen 1 meter into the ground is still possible, but at a certain point it won't work anymore with garden and kitchen tools. 

Through Zoofy you can easily, cheaply and quickly make an appointment with an electrician who can install grounding for you. The professionals from Zoofy carry out the job professionally and for a very attractive price. Through our website you can enter your postcode, click on the job 'install grounding' and indicate a day and time period of your preference. This way you have direct insight in the price and you can indicate when it suits you to have a professional visit you. Because you are always helped by a professional in the neighbourhood, you never pay any call-out charges. Do you urgently need a professional to check your grounding or to install it then we can help you within 20 minutes to a good professional who will come along the same day. 

When the job is done to your satisfaction you can choose how you want to pay. This can be paid afterwards via iDeal or a Tikkie. No hassle with quotations, just a reliable professional. 


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