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Install 400-volt power connection

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Do you need more power for your sauna or elevator in your house? Then it's necessary to go get a 400-volt power connection. Book an electrician here.

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Installing a power current

Can you see yourself bubbling in a jacuzzi, relaxing in a sauna or connecting a heat pump? In all these situations you need high-voltage electricity, but the Dutch houses often do not have high-voltage electricity as standard. Before you can start bubbling in a jacuzzi or make use of a heat pump, you need to connect a high-voltage power current. Connecting high-voltage electricity is a specialist job and requires good knowledge of electricians. It is also an exciting job, because you don't want to be under voltage. Therefore, it is best to let a certified electrician do the job. When you look around on the internet you will see many different prices. With us, you can count on getting a certified electrician who works according to a fixed rate, without call-out charges. This way you can be sure that you will soon be able to relax without tension in a bubble bath. On this page you will find more information about what is three-phase current, a step-by-step plan for installing three-phase current and an overview of the average costs of installing three-phase current.

What is power current?

Before you can start installing high current, it is useful to know exactly what high current is. Power current is electricity at 380 volts. In short, high-voltage current is nothing else than normal current, but with a much higher voltage. Normal current, also called high current, works on 230 volts. Most household appliances, such as a hoover, refrigerator, washing machine or television, work fine at 230 volts. But some appliances, such as a sauna, heavy machinery in a company or workshop, or the charging point for electric cars, need extra power and work on high-voltage current. Another difference between high-voltage and three-phase current is that four wires are used instead of two. You need a socket with four wires, on three of the four wires there is voltage. This connection is also called a 3-phase connection. Because there are more wires running through the socket, you can connect appliances with more power.

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