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If the dimmer does not work anymore, there is often a broken fuse that needs replacing. It is therefore not always necessary to replace the entire dimmer. Describe what the problem is and make an appointment directly with an electrician in the neighborhood.

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What is a dimmer

More and more we are lighting our rooms with LED lights. These bulbs are better for the environment and your electricity bill. Unfortunately, most LED lamps have an unsociable hard light. There are mood light variants for sale, but they are immediately very pricey. Fortunately, you can easily solve this. The Zoofy professional can transform your rooms with hard white light into an atmospheric room with soft warm light. Simply by installing dimmers. You can even convert your entire home to a smart central dimmer. With one button you light up your home in the evening with soft light, and you easily adjust it when it needs to be a bit brighter. The Zoofy professional can install all your dimmers with ease. So make an appointment now and enjoy a room full of soft light at the push of a button.

Why install a dimmer

For everyone, this choice is of course personal, but the main reason is convenience and comfort. How nice is it when you can turn all or part of the lighting in your home softer or louder with one button? In addition, not every time of day needs the same hardness of light. For example, you want a brighter light when you are doing your administration at the kitchen table in the evening. Are you enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal with friends at that same table? Then a softer light would be more pleasant. Soft light gives more atmosphere and you look at the person across from you more pleasantly than when the lamp burns hard and bright. On the other hand, you do not want to have to stare at your books with squinted eyes because the light is not sufficient. Installing a dimmer offers a fine solution here.

Recessed LED spotlights

Recessed spots have the great advantage that they are, as the name suggests, recessed. They take no extra floor space and can be neatly hidden in the ceiling by the professionals of Zoofy. You can get them in different models and designs. Nowadays, LED recessed spotlights are predominantly available. LED lighting has a long lifespan and is therefore very durable. LED lighting is slightly more expensive to buy.
Splashproof spotlights are of course intended for wet or damp areas, such as your bathroom. Another big advantage is that most recessed spotlights are also dimmable. Have a dimmer connected by a professional from Zoofy. Dimmers can be set to burn at full power, but also at the very softest setting and thus illuminate any room as desired. With an electronic or LED dimmer you can control this steplessly. It is even possible to control the lighting from your couch with an app and a so-called smart dimmer the way you want to. Bright, soft, colored, you name it. Dimmed lighting is also cheaper, because you save energy.

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