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Electrical inspection

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As the owner of a home or business you are responsible for the safety of the electricity in the building. Negligent maintenance of electrical systems can result in fire. With a professional inspection, you can be sure that the electricity meets all safety requirements. Make an appointment with a licensed electrician.

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Electrical inspection in the house

According to Dutch law, electrical installations and appliances must be safe. The law also stipulates that work on these installations must be carried out safely. Think for example of the installation of a new group box. When you buy a new house, the owner is responsible for the safety in the house. Sometimes it is therefore advisable to have the existing electrical system inspected by an electrician. Then you can be sure that everything meets the standards. Since 1 July 2008, in a number of cases you are required to have the electrical system in your home inspected. This is the case when building a new house, including a new electrical system, and when selling a house where the electrical system is older than 1981. In any case, every installation must be inspected once every 25 years. Simply to check that everything is still working properly and does not present any danger. 

NEN 3140 standard

In a house an electrical installation is all equipment that is connected to the power lines after the meter box. This is the group box but also simple sockets and light switches. In technical terms, all electricity must comply with the NEN 3140 standard. When in doubt about the quality of the electrical installation in your home, it is advisable to call in a professional electrician for advice. The professional checks whether the installation meets all the safety requirements. This means that the installation is measured at several crucial points. They also check whether all differential switches still work properly. Earthing and insulation measurements are also mandatory during an inspection. The inspection itself usually does not take much time. Usually the electrician is ready on site within an hour. But after that he will work on drawing up an inspection report. 

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